Matt Pond PA

I photographed the band Matt Pond PA recently, working with Matt Collison as art director. They’ll be using the images for their fall tour. For you New Yorkers, they’re kicking it off at the Bowery Ballroom on September 28th. I’ll be there. Yes I will. These images started with inspiration from a series of Irving Penn photos.

Matt Pond PA

Collison and I edited and put the images together last night. We decided to go against band photography conventions and make the front man the least visible in the image (Matt Pond is second from the left in the above image). I e-mailed the comps to Matt and he wrote me back this morning. “i would say maybe…maybe to get another set that has my face…I like it…it’s just that our press person probably won’t. like. i would love to use it for our site… you know.” I’ll be sending him a new comp in a bit, but I still like it this way.

Matt Pond PA

While we were putting together the concept for this shoot, I was lucky enough to get a preview of their new album “Last Light,” which comes out at the end ofSeptember. Along with their recent EP “If You Want Blood”, these guys are on a roll. Next up with Matt Pond? Collison and I will be making a video for “Lily Two” this fall that will include a cowboy hat, a truck and a dog.


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